Keynote: Zakiyyah Iman Jackson

Zakiyyah Jackson, Assistant Professor, English, CHSS. Photo by Creative Services/George Mason University

We are very excited to announce that Zakiyyah Iman Jackson will be delivering one of the two keynote addresses for the second annual EcoMaterialisms graduate conference, “Scales of Matter(ing).” Dr. Jackson is assistant professor of Black Feminist Theory, Literature, and Criticism in the English department at George Mason University. Here is a description of her research interests:

“My book in progress, tentatively titled The Blackness of Space Between Matter and Meaning, argues that key Black Atlantic literary, visual, and philosophical texts generate a critical praxis of humanity, paradigms of relationality, and modes of embodiment that alternately expose, alter, or reject the nexus of ‘race’ and ‘species’ discourse in Western science and philosophy. Reading the existential predicament of modern racial blackness through and against the human-animal distinction in Western philosophy and science reveals not only the mutual imbrication of ‘race’ and ‘species’ in Western thought but also invites a reconsideration of the extent to which exigencies of racialization have preconditioned and prefigured modern discourses governing the nonhuman. Ultimately, The Blackness of Space reveals the pernicious peculiarity of both prevailing foundational conceptions of ‘the human’ rooted in Renaissance and Enlightenment humanism and current ‘multiculturalist’ alternatives. What emerges from this questioning is an emphatically queer sense of being/knowing/feeling human, one that necessarily disrupts the foundations of the current hegemonic mode of the Human.”


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